Review of: Blind Faith 

reviewed by rmahler on 12/02/2008
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I enjoyed the concept of the script, but I felt that the dialog was a little flat. I'd love to see some more clever exchanges between the characters. Also, there were a few moments that could have been lifted out of the realm of cliche, such as their getaway by jumping the train tracks. How many times have we seen that at the movies?

All in all, this was a good script that could be a GREAT script with a little more eccentricity added to the characters and their situations.

In addition, some of your descriptions could use tightening, especially in the opening scenes.

For example: After a moment of prayer she looks up at the statue and notices something peculiar: a single trickle of blood comes from Jesusí crown of thorns and drips down his cheek.

Could be easily re-written as:
After a moment, she looks up and notices a trickle of blood that drips from Jesusí crown of thorns down his cheek.

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