Review of: The Assassin Project 

reviewed by cptmorgan on 06/26/2007
Looks Good
Some really strong production qualities here. That's what stands out. Camera work is right on, lighting and composition looks great. There was definitely a little time taken on this one and that is hard to find on TS. I would say that the story itself was predictable. I sort of new what was going on the whole time. But the strong production quality kept me watching. The acting was ok, nothing fantastic or terrible, right about in the middle. I've never been a fan of narration in a film, of course with the exception of documentary film. It just seems to get in the way here, and most of the time, she's saying things that we the audience already knows, or is about to find out. Loose half of the VO, and you'd have a lot stronger piece. The production qualities are so good, let them speak for themselves.

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