Review of: Lost Island 

reviewed by Turaidaroz on 04/20/2003
Loose Ends
Lost Island is an interesting read from start to finish. It reminds me of a Nicholas Sparks novel. However, the constant technical camera directions weren’t necessary for the story moved well and the action was described well enough with each character. I was however, disappointed with the ending. Perhaps there should have been some indication that Randolph was unstable enough to end the life of a woman he cared for to make this twist plausible. I felt jolted and let down. Also, I felt that Jamie and Randolph needed more time and more interaction to have fallen in love with each other. It seemed unrealistic to happen that fast. Randolph had given up on life for so long and to have Jamie come and say a few meaningless words to him in such a short time just didn’t seem believeable. Other than a few minor typos and in one instance, a mix up of names, this is the best of three I have read so far. Good job!
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