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reviewed by murraybuesst on 08/30/2005
Credited Review
Lost and found... Credited Review
The premise of LOST SON is unusual, and very interesting. A young boy experiences flashbacks from a past life, as a naval pilot in World War II. His concerned mother must overcome her own scepticism - and that of their family - if she is to help him.

I enjoyed reading the script, not least for its examplary screenplay style, which made me extremely jealous because - damn it! - it was flawless. The scenes immaculately handled, the structure very good, and (more jealousy) it is superbly clear throughout - I never once was unsure who anyone was or what was going on.

For what they're worth, my observations are:

- I found the tension between Devany and Eric a little forced. Whilst I perfectly understood that Eric might easily react the way he does at Devany's behaviour, deep down I didn't really know why. That's to say that I felt I wasn't gaining any insights into his character (in contrast, for example, to his mother, who came alive for me and was entirely convincing) - I was simply being told his reaction.

- I was a little unhappy that Taylor's regressions were initially limited to dreams, but then seemed to be possible while he was awake (and this was essential at the end). I can't help feeling the logic of this needs to be made watertight if it is not to be subconsciously jarring.

- There's very, very little in the way of subtext in the dialogue. I was very aware that throughout the screenplay everyone expresses, very cogently, exactly what they feel about things. The result is that there is precious little for the reader to speculate about. Given the subject matter, I wonder if there could be a little more ambiguity.

But all in all, a stimulating read. And magnificent clarity!

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