Review of: The Princess Annie 

reviewed by maxcrisp on 06/17/2011
Credited Review
Love from another time Credited Review
This romantic piece is well situated in a time where such stories of love last existed. It is a worthy and successful attempt to recreate a style that has for the most part lost favour with modern readers.

The strong points in this story are its prototypical plot and the strong narrator's voice. I felt the main character take over in my mind and could be sure I was listening first hand to his account. I think this is partly due to the strong writing in the opening paragraphs.

I'm afraid there's little I can offer in terms of advice or criticism. I think perhaps, if at all, the writer could expand a little. I think the tough, confident hired hand's timid lack of confidence with women could be detailed and supported. Likewise, some of the transition sections (men coming to the mansion, influenza striking), whilst cleverly concise, may also work were they to be padded out, allowing for some much needed contextual narrative.

I like this piece, despite not having any particular interest in the genre. It is well written and 'does what is says on the tin.' I look forward to reading some more work to see what lies behind the powerful use of prose that hooked me this time around.

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