Review of: Old Acquaintance be Forgot 

reviewed by Jordan Anthony Thomas on 11/30/2011
Jordan Anthony Thomas
Love it.
Okay, there was five minutes of enjoyment. First, I laughed my ass off at the concept. It is somewhat of a fish out of water story. Second, I like drugs and sex. Third, the characters where wonderful and well defined with an edgy off-the-cuff sort of style. Fourth, the narration is smooth and well delivered. What are we on was solid....sixth...good sound quality. Sound is a bitch, I'm still struggling with it myself.


So, for the critique I have to say that I didn't get the last joke about it must've been viagra. Maybe I don't know enough about the side effects of viagra. Would suggest a line or two at the beginning to set-up the end. I'm sure it works if one is informed on this sort of thing, but it can't hurt to "idiot proof" the thing with a quicky V.O line.

Does feel a little Guy Ritchiesque. But, that's what I've been exposed to as far as the Brit crime genre goes...I'm sure you're sick of hearing it.

Anyway, good work. Hope you get some mileage out of this one. Anyway I can support your work let me know.


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