Review of: Slow Emotion 

reviewed by amymoments22 on 06/23/2005
Me, Myself and Irene.....
This is a total rip of Me, Myself, and Irene. And i hate to say it not a very good one. I understand the whole point of the story and it is a good one, dont get me wrong, I just think it is lame that it was ripped. I also dont recall a real dramatic reason that his "second personality" took over. It was very anticlimactic all the way thru. The actress was good for the few seconds on screen the she had and the actor was ok. He should have made the struggling with himself look more when he threw himself into the wall at the school. Also no one really reacted to what he was doing. If i was in a class and someone got up and hit the wall i would be going the opposite way. Either way, good luck on future projects.

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