Review of: London Orbital 

reviewed by BlackGlass on 06/05/2011
Credited Review
Motorway Romance Credited Review
Romance isnít my thing. Iím sure other reviewers on this site have already pointed out the formatting errors and large page count, so i wonít bore you with all my observations. But the big blocks of text have to be shortened.

The central characters come together so willingly, they come across as desperate.

Doreen sat in her booth all night and eat a full box of chocolates? She sounds like a glutton. And the dialogue when they are having coffee and watching the sunset, is so corny. made me cringe. But like i said, i'm not a fan of romance.

Your story holds together. Itís not my kind of movie, but i guess people who like this sort of thing will like it. All the best.

P7) Doreen - Save the firts punch for the disco - nice line.

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