reviewed by judylewis on 10/25/2003
Credited Review
Mutilation, not Dissection (SPOILERS) Credited Review
Relentless & suspenseful story, but too talky for a thriller, not horrifying enough for horror, mysterious enough for mystery or psychologically convincing for drama. Leigh intro's wrong (an angel w/ black wings); too soon to know if it's literally true. They talk intimately (pregnancy) in front of Chloe? Carson joke won't work unless he says Johnny. Not funny; he's heard it 100 times; polite laughter, maybe. Bandage is on/off/on again? Why South African--not necessary. Well-oiled machine's a cliche. Don't say C's "on fire" if he's not. Can't "stab his way inside her" w/out X-rating. Thoughts in action lines--Bad. Charlie Chan--a joke or gaffe? Mental illness exposition too on the nose. What's Klein's role--Atmosphere? Mary's gentle w/ Chloe; then sarcastic; goes from new research ass't to screw-up overnight? Inconsistent. Madonna-whore idea's old. Personality disorder, depression, alcohol/drug use cause mutilation; not bad sexlife. Tell us Leigh's job earlier; make her keep it--so she's stuck. Mutilation's disturbing; he's unsympathetic. Not Mary/Leigh woman in jeopardy story, who do we care about? Dan's scenes don't ring true. So he saws lamb & sews it, the ending's unreal, & disgusting, esp. with Chloe. It's not Hitchcock.

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