Review of: Fool's Silver 

reviewed by orangeboard on 06/05/2003
Credited Review
Nasty Cowgirls do it with their boots on! Credited Review
I say greenlight this project A.S.A.P. I can find nothing wrong with this script. But since I must fulfill my 50 word minimum-here goes. I am a Christian so therefore I look for certain aspects of films for instance your characters are poor lost souls all headed for hell for all eternity and they joke about it. P49 (see you on the other side) Pg.61( I blame my damnation on you) Or one character refers to (Lord and Jesus) when he finds the money pot. Another refers to (heaven) when he sees a bodacious set of tatas in his face. I guess thats the way it was in the wild wild west. Also it seems most lost their fathers and husbands and yearn for them during this story. A little bible thumping could save some souls and fulfill that need of course that wouldnt sell tickets. You mean if I read the bible and believe in Jesus I wouldnt have to keep killing people and end up in hell??? Even cowboys can be saved yup. Now thats a western that hasnt been done. The first Christian western. Cowgirls going around preaching Jesus. Hell, no! That being said- Good luck- Go Cowgirls!!!

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