Review of: Winding River 

reviewed by neilg117 on 11/25/2009
Needs to be a bit quicker
I thought this was OK, especially given the constraints of making this in such a short space of time.

Positives for me were some of the shot selections. I particularly liked your willingness to use long shots. This adds a lot to your images as often the park looked gorgeous. The camera on its side on the floor also was an interesting and quirky choice. On the whole the photography is well composed and well lit.

Key downside on display here really is the pacing. There really isn't enough material to justify the running time. Most of the pre-amble in the park could be cut. And losing a few shots (or trimming the duration of the shots you have) would have given the chase a lot more energy.

But as a class exercise there are a lot of positives here. You've told a story in images alone - and because of this it is impressively cinematic. Good luck.

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