Review of: Fall Down 

reviewed by rmacias on 06/16/2003
Credited Review
Nice drug imagery, too many typos Credited Review
I really enjoyed the drug-induced imagery, especially the brownie womb thing. The basic plot reminded me a little of "Rodger Dodger." If you haven't seen it, you should. It features a man who is a lot like Ken and then finally begins to pull out of it. There were several location changes that weren't clear or were completely omitted. Example: On page 20, there's a CUT TO Angie's apartment but no corresponding scene description (INT ANGIE'S APARTMENT…). I was also distracted by all the typos and the minimalist punctuation. Somehow, Ken needs to be more likeable earlier in the script. It's hard to root for such a jerk. I didn't get the ending. It seemed like he was on the road to recovery, and then he walks into the ocean? To kill himself?

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