Review of: " A Kiss Is Just a Kiss" 

reviewed by MILANARTS on 01/06/2003
Nice job!
It can be commercial for dating agency ,something like "high societe dating",but profesionaly it is very proper job.What I was missing is a smal dialog to get impresion of the short film.Like this it will stay just an pilot for the commercial.I am shure that you are able to make mach beter things.....this short is the proof.

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    nicely done story , good lighting, camera needs more movement but is ok, music good, cast almost profesional, costums very good. Only thing that i dont liked to much in this film is humor but it can make you smiling. But humor is relativ. You can see lot of work put in this film and i respect that.
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    but very good explained emotion known by most of us. How ephemeral love can be? After watching the film i will not talk about technical side of the film , it's not that important. What i am missing is little bit of music but even without it is very honest statment. great!!David you are realy good!!!!!
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    very good made ! i am sure it was lot of work ! Actors are playing very good, also music is nice , story is interesting and camera work is great!Bravo for all of you who made this film because you can see that you like what you do. Arun you are very talented!!!!!
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