Review of: Cold Lake In Winter 

reviewed by Travis Wilson on 11/15/2011
Credited Review
Travis Wilson
No happy ending...hmmm Credited Review
It's weird, I get sick of the sappy endings. Movies always having to have a happy endings. The kind that Hollywood vomits out every year, but when there's a movie that challenges this practice I always question it. Much like the movie The Mist, you're script turns my head in question and makes me wonder if I like the alternative. And I'm still lost in whether or not I accept it. As for the story, yeah, it's not bad. Kind of reminded me of 1983 version of The Thing(not a bad comparision as I loved that movie) except set in a mountain town. The only thing this script didn't have was the fighting amongst each other on who was infected and who wasn't. I had a couple problems. One, the flames lick a Bible open? And the password was right there? I just couldn't buy it. And who would write the password in a book like that? I don't know, maybe some people would. And flames licking a Bible open? Bibles are usually heavy binded books. And two: Guy says that Ron provided the diversion they needed to get away? But Ron was dead. And then Alice says, "it must of been the propane tanks." It confused me a little, but then again, maybe I'm easily confused. Overall, you got a pretty good gore movie here. I can see a lot of gore and sickness going on. While I wasn't really thrilled how the ending just kind of meandered to the house where they ended up, it didn't seem like there was a gigantic build up to an unescapable end and they get away from the town. They just simply left. Except for maybe the copter shooting at them. And a couple soldiers. Oh well, then that would be a typical Hollywood build up and escape at the last second kind of thing. Your script defies some traditions in good ways and some I'm not sure about. While I wouldn't run to a theatre to see it, I would definitely rent it and check it out. You know how to write and structure a story(loved how you inter mixed some of the scenes) and make it interesting. Good luck with this. I was one of the better scripts I've read on here. I didn't find myself bored and wishing it would just end. Good luck.

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