Review of: Compulsive 

reviewed by shadesdown2001 on 07/23/2006
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Not bad... Credited Review
Needs a few changes, but not bad..
This script is written in very good form. It's easy to understand. It goes from one scene into another scene without confusion and having to reread a few lines back to understand whats taking place. It contains alot of funny scenes. The action scenes are clear and works well with the rest of the script. There are a few lines that need to be worked on a little more. But all and all, I think this script has potential. One big disagreement of talking about the late Kurt Cobain in this script. I feel its tastless and very disrespectful to the deceased and to his living family. I would advise to take that part out. There is parts where it contains a little to much vulgar language, but it can be overlooked.

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