Review of: COPS / MATRIX / APES 

reviewed by Brummie on 04/25/2006
Not interesting but good work
Well it was certainly well done generally. The DP did a good jon and the audio was good. The actors were quite believable and for improv that was excellent. Since it was a spoof/satire you can get away with things that seem a little less than they should be e.g. the guy with the soother (like he could not just take it out) and the interviewer in the room was over the top. This sort of movie does nothing to interest me but I do appreciate the work and the talent that went into it.

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  • by Brummie on 01/15/2010
    I am not sure what to say about this film. Usually they have a purpose. It took a long time and a number of repetitions to say he gave the guy $100.00. I am not sure why I would care. There was no story, no emotion, adequate footage but really a tough way to spend Christmas.
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    Best part of this film was the opening credits sequence. It promised a lot more than was delivered. Might have been a spoof on "The Scent of A Woman" except there was certainly no Al Pacino around. Since the production notes say that this was part of a project it is obvious that you did not get to choose the script. I'm sure nobody would deliberately choose such a weak script... read
  • A review of BULLIED EYES
    by Brummie on 08/22/2006
    Wish I understood it. It was lost on me, I am afraid. My preference would have been to have had the eyes in sharp focus since they were, essentially, the whole movie. The story was ambiguous and uninteresting and since the image was static and unchanging it is useless to try and comment on the technical side. I have to admit I was confused.
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