Review of: COPS / MATRIX / APES 

reviewed by inanezebo on 02/02/2006
Not parody or satire, but amusing
While "Cops/Matrix/Apes" is not strictly a parody, a satire, or even a true short film, the actors are very game for the play and as a result, this mockery provide some good laughs.
On the technical side, the PD-150 footage looked good and the mostly rough, hand-held shooting style served the piece very well. The sound was good, and the editing told the story well - nicely cut and sewn together, and good work dealing with the compression. The actors were very into their roles and threw out a lot of lines that made me laugh, and I like how the stories simply flowed into each other.
However, although the Ronnie Dobbs-type character Clint was funny, I think the Corporate Cops segment would have been much more amusing and a true parody, if the CCs had gone in and confronted a typical corporate executive rather than the type of person one normally sees on "Cops." The "Matrix" segment was servicable but had the least funny lines (although I loved Thomas' aliases). The "Apes" segment was the most amusing and my favorite - having spent way too much time around trailer park types as a kid -but was the least effective mockery as it simply had Apes showing up out of nowhere. And if there's one movie that really deserves to be skewered, it's the "Planet of the Apes" remake. And personally, I would have gone with a more interesting and less out-right descriptive title for this loose collection of skits.
There's a lot to like here - I probably laughed more at this mockery than anything else I've seen here - but "Cops/Matrix/Apes" doesn't quite rise to the challenge to be considered for TS competition.

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