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reviewed by Chanel Ashley on 02/07/2009
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Chanel Ashley
NOT SO SPEAKEASY Credited Review
Ben, I loved The Lonesome Crowded West and Last Week, but this does not resonate with me - it felt contrived and by the numbers - it did not come across as inspired work, but workmanlike, aiming for a perceived audience, giving the public the "same ol' fare" - I've seen it all before, and much better - there was a distinct lack of "freshness", a "vitality" that elevates a work like this above mediocrity - let me give you an example.

I have read Kevan2121 - A Gentleman's game and A Boy's Tail - it's all been done before, but somehow he has managed to elicit a "freshness", has given these stories a new lease of life - in my opinion, both you and Doc failed to achieve this requisite - this feels like a variation of Beer Pong - I can see Doc's finger prints in this writing, less so of yours, even though you appear to get the writing credit - this is my observation.

Members cite they want honesty in reviews, well that is what you will get from me - this is not a Top 10 SP, it's not good enough, a reasonable effort with a small measure of humour, but truly, not good enough and you know that - it's Top 10 because both you and Doc are popular and talented writers with considerable goodwill from fellow members - you can do better, and you both know it - I'm impressed it exceeded 99 pages, did someone count the beats wrong?

Right from the outset, the opening page and setup, it's old hat - only my opinion, and I know you recieved wonderful reviews - formatting, structure and grammar was never going to be an issue, your level of expertise has accounted for that, but the premise is worn and tired - once again, this is uninspired writing - this is written to sell, but I don't believe you will achieve that with this vehicle.

Let me give some more examples - Jeez, Ben do all your stories refer to stalker's?

Mayor of a small town brings in prohibition

Our heroes conduct a Speakeasy

The mandatory "creep" bad cop - good cop

Hot girl "home" for the holidays from school prior to moving away - shy hero has a crush

Plenty of "right age group" swearing and crude bad ass cracks audience demographic

Hero risks the "College fund"

Hero works in dad's store

Love interest's father not impressed with hero

Wyatt's parents away in Europe - house to themselves

"he's the disease...and I'm the cure"

"You sound like a fucking douche bag"

Trevis attempts to frame Wyatt, hits himself in the face with the nightstick

Wyatt loses Ryan's money in a poker game - needs to redeem himself

Father/son motivational speech

Cliff to the rescue - very neat and tidy - did I mention convenient?

City Hall Council meeting and a trial - wow, how original - half expected to see Atticus Finch walk in.

You can love me or loathe me, but I believe you guys failed to rise to the occasion and should/could do better - best of luck.

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