Review of: The Third Horn 

reviewed by NORMAN STEVENS on 12/04/2002
Off-off-off Broadway in Keokuk, Iowa.
With all due respect to the young person who wrote this, he is not yet ready for Hollywood or New York. This was nothing more than an exercise in writing clever dialogue that was not very clever and certainly not sophisticated. The writer needs a basic course in script writing, dramatic first, before he tackles the more difficult world of comedy or sharp, crisp, dialogue. By page 36 I was bored to tears. By page 3 I could have told you the story except that I would have brought in another male to present him with a challenge and give the reader a shot at imaging that something would really happen. I've heard it said a million times in reviewing scripts, "Nothing happens!"A hundred pages and nothing happens! It's not just that you're dealing with only two or three sets, it's that the dialogue must be brilliant, repeat, "Brilliant", to sustain so little physical action. I would not even suggest this as an "off-off" show because again it would sit there like a log. Get nasty, or get dirty, or get angry, but "get" something" because you're putting your readers to sleep. I'm sure the writer loves it... we all love our own stuff, but reality must rear it's ugly head and say this bores. Did you hear the word: "bore". It's boring.
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