Review of: The Sown 

reviewed by sibryce on 11/18/2010
Credited Review
Old gag, but a new twist Credited Review
Well, if someone was ever going to borrow so heavily from "Alien", this was a good way to do it -- by changing the creature very dramatically. I also commend you on the idea of making highly evolved fungi the final culprit, as there's probably nothing more dangerous than that which doesn't intend to be dangerous. Other than being highly similar in tone and premise to "Alien" -- which we covered already -- the only problem I can think of, is that a lot of this story could have been removed, and the same effect made. Now, drawing the story out does enhance suspense in a lot of ways, but it also tells the reader things he or she has already figured out -- or worse still, give them a chance to get ahead of you.

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