Review of: The 13th Christmas 

reviewed by judylewis on 09/10/2004
Credited Review
Orson's Magic Journey Credited Review
THE 13th CHRISTMAS abounds with vivid action scenes and colorful characters. Orson makes an adventure-filled trip to find the gate to the North Pole. The story seems muddy, with too many characters and destinations. Integrate these elements into the script, so we hear about Twink and Magellan earlier, and they won't seem like afterthoughts. The rich plot is complicated and needs more foreshadowing. Some characters--Twink, Orson and Lego--are original. Others are conventional: the bad dragon and his bumbling sidekicks Pins and Needles. Some, like Magellan the dwarf with the cowboy drawl, seem familiar and patched together. The script is long and bogged down with dialog. The images should speak for themselves. The story begins too slowly, with unnecessary detail. Collapse the backstory and get to the journey ASAP. The father's incantation reiterates the mother's song. Cut one, keep the song, shorten it and hint at its magic power. Have Orson reach Twink faster. If Orson is your protagonist, he should play a more active role. He's always being rescued by others. Why is there a romance between a 13-year-old and an adult woman? With careful editing, attention to structure and dialog, and this could be a good children's script.

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