Review of: Madonna of the Chair 

reviewed by mmckean on 07/20/2011
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The imagery is there, and so is the style, but the concept and characters need a little work. Charles mother seems to be kinda mean in the story, and there is a general lack of dialogue, however I have seen short horror stories done solely with exposition and very little dialogue or character development (H.P. Lovecraft comes to mind) but the concept needs to be reworked a little. You have a boy named Charles that is afraid of a painting on a wall (an experience we can all relate to) but the painting really is evil and it doesn't really offer any explanation (fantastic or otherwise) as to why the painting is like this. The only thing I can figure is that the painting is evil only in his mind. If that is the case it didn't come across in the story that way. Also, I really don't understand how the back-story works into the overall plot. What does him saving a cat years ago have to do with an evil painting that turns into a monster at night? I think you are an excellent writer but this story needs to be thought out a little better. Keep working on it. Thanks for sharing.

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