Review of: Pseudonym 

reviewed by rkw74 on 08/06/2004
The series of freeze-frames thing kind of threw me - i liked the few brief moments when you let the live action play; I'd include more of that. Small thing, but I think you could've found a better "crumpled paper" sound effect - the ones you used aren't that clean (lots of room tone). Most of the angles on the writer are pretty bland - and the "black&white'ing" of the image doesn't look too sharp - lots of grey, not enough contrast. The stuff of the writer sitting at his table, struggling w/ a block could be shortened. Pace really picks up as he begins to write/ speak. Some of the images in your story montage are pretty visually interesting - i liked some of the color efx. Liked the music (make sure you have the rights to use it). The VO was nice - the writer arguing back & forth with the "voice in his head" it had its moments, especially when he refutes his own attempts to glamourize an otherwise pedestrian existence. Overall, this is a decent little piece with some redeeming qualities. Not sure what point is, though - not left very satisfied by the ending.

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