Review of: Icons 

reviewed by elcappy on 10/26/2003
Psychological ride
This is a good short, the moving camera shots combined with the music reflected pretty well the character’s state of mind. Nice acting. I also liked the pacing, the tension along with the sense of confusion keeps building, however, I think it goes too long and there is a moment of boredom, but the end pays off good. The guy simple couldn’t escape. The voice over characterization feels very flat, it also needs better sound editing.

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    by elcappy on 08/29/2011
    This short did not do anything for me, remainds me of the "this is your brain on drugs" TV adds but without a punch. It may have a small hook at the begining, but it falls flat right away. Tag line sais: Drugs Aren't All Bad, so this story needs a little effort to prove that.
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    The opening scene is powerful, this short grabbed me right away with its pure imagery, superb cinematography, great acting. Second act drags a little bit, I think it needs to define the conflict more and the character's objectives to build more tension. Great job, congratulations! Can't wait to see more work from you.
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    A man, showing tension, drives to a phone booth and calls to report an accident and wanting to remain anonymous. This is an effective opening element of mystery. Having the man jump dressed into the shower made me more curious. Then the reveal comes in, he caused the accident. After this I think it needs more development on showing his state of mind for the end to work, which... read
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