reviewed by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/03/2004
I happened upon this script by pure accident, and since I'm considering a story about a soldier dealing with PTSD, I was very interested to read it. The synopsis is engaging, so I started to read. First, let me say that I read it cover to cover in 2 sittings. It was engaging and had great story elements. The dialogue was good, and could stand a tiny bit of tightening. I am of the belief that dialogue should sound as if it's the most interesting way to say anything. The characters were good, but the duality of Eileen's role (her conflict being internal) could have been stronger. I think there's an underlying structural weakness in that the audience has no real hint at the grim reality of her true weakness. We assume for too long that it's just standard POW problems. If there was some stronger hint that there was something more to her story earlier, you would have me wondering and more engaged. As it is, I felt a lull about 50 pages (don't recall exact page count). The twist is good and it makes for a truly bittersweet resolution. I'm a pretty macho guy and I was nearly crying at the end. I have more to say, but am running out of room....that's a good sign.
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