Review of: Rock Bottom 

reviewed by stefstrife on 10/04/2011
Credited Review
Reality Show Horrors Credited Review
Always read the contract before you sign. That's the lesson here, I think. If the Bradley's had only read through what they were agreeing to, then all of the horrible torment they endure could have easily been prevented. The characters were extremely naive, as Richard's wife even asked him to read it first and upon his declination she simply lets it slide. I found it strange as well that they would so easily go along with the contract signing not even knowing what the reality show is about, let alone the name of it.

The story progressed easily enough, but I often felt many scenes were too short and could have been flushed out a bit more to include fuller and richer details or insights into the characters' thoughts. The grammar could have used some work, and maybe some editing should have been involved. The use of question marks at the end of a character's inquiry (ex: "What was that" she asked?) I saw was used frequently and which does not make sense. There were several run-on sentences which could have been separated to form more complete dialogue and prose. I did like the protagonist's thought of calling night vision 'Paris green' in reference to the famous sex tape, though. That was a creative line.

Overall, an interesting concept but could use a lot of work on character development, dialogue, and writing structure / grammar.

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