Review of: Reeled In 

reviewed by doonae on 10/08/2011
Reeled In Review
First thing I want to say here is that the acting was really good. The scene where the guys were falling out (roughly 4 minutes in) came across great. The close up techniques used there could also have been employed nearer the start to draw us into the characters and help with the one or two bits of shallow audio when they were setting up the tents. Really liked the way this one just turned on a dime (actually reminded me of a couple of my movies - blue rope, psycho, tied up girl!). The editing here was great too, really helped control the pace of the story and hit the proper emotional points. Music was good. It got really grim and trippy towards the end - which I loved. Last shot (with the credits) was an absolute belter - it may have been an idea to film him standing there for, like, 20 minutes and speed it up so the ominous clouds moved weirdly in the background (but looked great as it was). I'd have used that shot for the thumbnail on Trigger - maybe you considered it and thought it would give the game away? (I know what that's like) Great work mate.

Should this film be considered for competition? Yep.

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