Review of: Any Legacy 

reviewed by AlCielo on 07/27/2011
Review of Any Legacy
I loved the individual parts of this Dostoevskian reflection, but it always seemed that there was something greater--as in "the sum is greater"--and it turned out the real strength wasn't the acting, photography, editing etc. (you don't need me to enumerate these achievements) but the way you added the individual pieces, or more accurately contrasted them, like Eisenstein's approach to montage (not "shot plus shot" but "shot times shot"): angles, speeds, camera distance et al., UNTIL the death scene. For the living reflections of the narrator--like his life--were apparently a series of disconnects, but with death, his (and our) awareness shifts, and for the first time the pieces connect, underscored by the ecstatic guitar music.

The best short films don't try to be long films. They examine small moments and make them big, and in this respect they are greater than features. Yours succeeds on all counts. It's a masterpiece, but not a miniature. You've given us a post-death perspective without requiring us to die. This is what great art does. I'm awed and grateful for the blessing of your film.

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