Review of: IRON MAIDENS 

reviewed by CJ Knight on 04/04/2010
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CJ Knight
Review of IRON MAIDENS Credited Review
Great title!

The first thing you notice is the lack of white space. This is an immediate flag of an amateur writer. Screenplays are not novels. They are meant to have short, punchy sentences that describe the characters/action with minimum effort. Just show us what we can see on the screen. Do not go into long descriptions or write your comments or anything that is an opinion, etc.

Watch for spelling mistakes, avoid CAPS in the dialogue and keep underlining to a minimum.

Would communist Russians play reels of “THE THREE STOOGES”... or appear on LIFE magazine?

Now to the story… a nice opening sequence leads us back into the Second World War… and then I’m hooked. This is like reading ENEMY AT THE GATES meets DEFIANCE with women and a tank.

Rare is it to come across such a gem on TS. Not only does this deserve to be a SOM, it could easily be made into a movie. The action is good, characters are great and the story/setting is superb.


CJ Knight

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