Review of: The Mother 

reviewed by jflynn31 on 03/11/2011
Credited Review
Review of The Mother Credited Review
What’s best about this story is that it works despite breaking some fundamental rules— rules that many readers, unfortunately, demand in order to appreciate what’s been written. There’s no discernible plot and the P.O.V.’s vocabulary leaves many questions unanswered. I wondered, briefly, what the term alien meant. If the mother and siblings were indeed creations, etc. But the story’s really cool and really compelling. In short, I loved it. I’ve read three of your stories now, and in my first two reviews, I made the same observations. I felt that in some areas, you were overwriting a bit. I can’t say that here. I feel like you’ve done a great job relating some deep and moving observations about the human condition. Transmutation, solipsism, afterlife— that’s what I got out of it anyway. I really think this is great. Thanks. Godspeed.

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