Review of: Why We Fight (Post Bin Laden Edition) 

reviewed by Pmitch on 05/16/2011
Credited Review
Review of Why We Fight Credited Review
Story of Jack and Walter who set out to make a movie for the army and leave their porn careers behind. A relationship develops between Juliana and Walter while Jack tries to raise a family with values. There is an interesting scene when they go to Amsterdam to pick up the porn stars. There is a change in the middle when the guys wonder if it is going to all work out.

This would be a good story to use with USO for the troops. They would roll over laughing, reminds me of Bob Hope. The ending was funny and well-written.

The dialogue needs to be cleaned up for the screen. Some women would be offended by this script. Right now, it is more suited for an adult film. The characters were well defined and the story engaging. This concept has been done many times in the past. Add more new twists to the script. Maybe, a scene of troops in a parade or a soldier back on leave.

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