Review of: The Yacht 

reviewed by Cenydd Ros on 12/30/2010
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Cenydd Ros
Rub A Dub Dub Credited Review
Good writing, more imagination on story concept would benefit your talents.

Overall I found the writing to be clear and well done. The flow is nice, having a certain style. Nothing is convoluted. It reads very easy and professional.

I personally found the subject matter repugnant, but that is just me. I won't go into that any further.

According to my editor, dialogue followed by a speech tag (asked, said, cried out, and so forth) is done thus.
“Americans right?” He asked - right?" he asked.
take the yacht out.” She said - out," she said
“You wouldn’t be.” He said. - be," he said.
know unless we ask.” She said. - we ask," she said.
- If followed by an action (frowned, nodded, and so forth) then it is a new sentence.

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