Review of: Executive Status 

reviewed by on 03/24/2011
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Slick and Sleek Credited Review
I enjoyed this short story very much. Great use of darkness and sinisterism (NY's skyline at night, dark suit, dark sky). . . I can only WAIT to see what is going to happen as I am led through the dark labryinth and twists and turns of the story.

Greed, another favorite that goes deliciously with darkness and sinisterism. Wall Street is perfect as the setting, as is the 57th floor of the posh office building. . . you can feel the green oozing out of the characters' pores.

And let's not forget the pick-pocket whose attempt is foiled by a character that seems to embody the devil himself. Imagine that, the devil thwarting a pick pocket; that's irony.

The ending is fitting and scrumptuos . . . very greedy corporate officers setting up the devil himself! Fifteen years seems TOO LIGHT!

Witty, clever and delectable!

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