Review of: Out of the Badlands (3rd Draft) 

reviewed by on 06/08/2011
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Smells like Gunsmoke Credited Review
This was pretty damned funny to me. Your sense of humor stood out. And, somehow, you injected a cute little love story. A cute spin on what should be made into a movie, or a television series. The characters are there. Now, I could have done without all the religion, with Solomon and all, but maybe because you know the Bible so well, you threw it in. There were definitely some lines that I thought were cool as hell: Travis "There's the law and then there's justice". Eliz: "Vengance won't give you peace. It's a slow poison that will kill you sure as any bullet". Mathias: "God likes me better than you". Jefferson: "Besides, a sense of humor is important. Without it, I'd end up like you." : "Your pursuit of such a creature is a fool's errand."
Now, I really didn't need "...a maelstrom of papers". I would have settled for "...a pile of papers." Don't use fancy words in setting up a scene, especially in a western. It doesn't fit the scene, if you know what I mean. Other than that, I enjoyed it and good luck on pitching it.

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