Review of: Apartment B 

reviewed by imoveatparaderest on 11/04/2011
Credited Review
Smoking can kill you Credited Review
From the start this story is an easy read. I couldn't stop once I started as if it were a can of Pringles. At times, it seemed the writer had done their research, especially when the psychologist talked about creating memories, and believing them as truth. However, some parts seemed implausible; scenes like when the ATTENDANT spits tobacco into a paper bag. I used to chew tobacco, and spitting into a bag would defeat the purpose of having a container to spit in. Another scene was in a mental institution, where a woman was ripping her hair out. A woman with that mental state would have been restrained from the get go, and the scene when Vincent said he loved Kara, but he couldn't even remember her, so how could he love her? There were also a few grammatical errors, but they are an easy fix.
The scenes were a bit short, though, which was disappointing at times, but nonetheless, it flowed well. I was curious as to what came next. The writer's metaphoric storytelling, and timing was absolutely wonderful, which was a delight. Not only was this story a fun one, it had many political and social issues intwined within it.
My favorite scene was the fight scene, where one light bulb swung on a cord in a cellar. The two men rumbled in and out of the light, and the words written on the paper made it easy to picture the scene.
All the while, this story had clues in the form of cigarettes, which helped our antihero figure out his past, and find his future. Even if some of the characters had to die simply because of the brand of cigarettes they smoked.

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