Review of: The Sound of the Night 

reviewed by BozDonovan on 02/22/2011
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When a story promises “the most valuable lesson in my life” in the first sentence, the cynic in me says “yeah, right.” Fortunately, the author delivered a powerful message just as promised. And, he did it with style.

The story plays out like a piece of music. It flows. The dialogue is distinct. The main character speaks in a rhythm all his own. It is a well composed piece that grabs your interest from the start and keeps it.

Being a jazz afficionado makes this story extra pleasing. I love the feel of the nightclub and the writer’s enthusiasm about musicians who have a passion to play.

The weakest part for me was the section on the brevity of Toledo’s playing experience. The narration loses the colorful slang that the dialogue delivers so well. I wonder if the narrative could be integrated into the dialogue in some way.

Another suggestion, though not necessary, is to give the story a location that people could identify with, like the streets of New Orleans or the jazz clubs of Harlem. Adding a community contributes to the reader’s experience and helps to emphasize that playing the horn is more than a job, it is a way of life.

Keep on typing.

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