Review of: Kaplan's Equation 

reviewed by Tombola Pictures on 03/21/2012
Tombola Pictures
Sod's Law... As We Say In The UK!
This is probably what would happen to me! Of course, no doubt many people would think the same thing. It was a great comedic twist to the film, it was shot in a beautiful location (how was you able to secure this place to use? I'm assuming it was in a University?) This film appealed to me because it niggles at that desire I have always had, and the nagging part of my brain that says: "you should have studied Astrophysics or Cosmology!" As well as tugging at my curiosity at where do these scientists start with these complex equations? In terms of the movie itself, it was well performed, well shot and lit. It is a good technique, dubbing music over and having no dialogue, it is far easier in terms of filmmaking and with a film like this, it doesn't diminish the quality either.

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