Review of: Southern Hospitality (Cherry Poppin' rev) 

reviewed by OliRichards on 11/30/2011
Credited Review
Southern Hospitality Credited Review
I liked this a lot. It was action packed, full of twists, had a satisfying conclusion and flowed smoothly. The main drawback for me was that it felt like a movie that had already been made many times over - the groups of gangsters all chasing after money and all getting shot at the end except for the hero who escapes. So low on originality. Having said that, I'm sure there is a huge fan base for this kind of movie that would easily gobble up another well written script in the genre.

In order to turn this into something that really stands out, even within the genre, I felt it needed some more comedy. For example I really loved the dialogue on p.87 where the two bad guys go totally over the top in insulting each other. It was funny while being true to the movie and felt believable. I also really liked the way Bobby gets more and more injured, really funny. I felt both could have been made more of, and that there would need to be this kind of comedy running all the way through it. I'm not saying you have to have as heavy a comedy focus as, say, lock, stock and two smoking barrels, but I think it needs a bit more.

Overall though, well written and accomplished, well done.

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