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reviewed by jakenp on 12/30/2011
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Strong style, strong story, pleasure to read Credited Review
Doppelgangers is a "Being John Malcovich" type story of a fraternity of mega celebrities, led by Rob Reiner, which has to avoid being "absorbed" by their one-in-the-world mirror image...their doppelganger. This story follows Jeff Bridges's discovery of the phenomenon as well as a floundering bass-player-nobody named Spencer who becomes his confidant out of happenstance.

This was the type of read where I'd sit down with the intent to read 10 pages, then blast through 25, which is an amazing feat to achieve in a screenplay. Almost all of the dialog is awesome and perfectly clever without being too self-congratulatory or cute. Clooney cracked me up a lot. And the Shatner thing is perfect, probably the funniest detail to me. Also loved the scene where Jeff, Clooney, and Spencer are sort of mediating on fame and money and life.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times and thought about it a million times, but it is a daunting task when your whole story rests on the inclusion of a half a dozen mega celebs. I do think your page 2 disclaimer is really well done, though, and I'll shut up about casting logistics.

So, basically I like the thing, in style and substance. I will mention one pretty broad note. I think you have a protagonist...issue. Who is it? There is this celeb club, which is the establishment. Jeff Bridges is the new face in it, so he is sort of the natural protag, but then there's Spencer, who is the REAL outside man, and has these under-developed relationships with girlfriends/women and his own problems outside of the problems of the A-story.

I do like the final twist with Spencer even though it wasn't totally unexpected. And I like the Jeff Bridges stuff, as well as the relationship between them. Maybe a possible idea could be to make the celeb club a bit of a smaller emphasis and save the big exposition scene for later. Then ramp up the Spencer/Jeff stuff earlier so that it is the big A story. Then the expository celeb-club stuff comes at the beginning of act II. Then we get more of Spencer's life, more of Jeff's marriage, etc, which would have upped my investment in your protag(s).

But enough idea pitching. All in all, great read, super unique concept, very well executed. Thanks!

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