reviewed by Snackula on 01/26/2004
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"Survival" Coverage Credited Review
What I liked:Structurally very sound and the story is well told. Good flow to dialogue, nothing felt stilted or out of place. Characters felt consistant throughout.What I Didn't:The story, as a whole, seems very familiar. We've seen people deal with the horrors of war a million times. While there is room for more stories of this nature, there isn't any new perspective brought to the premise. The whole script read like an MOW with cuss words instead of a feature.What I Would Change:I think the opening needs work. There is no reason for an audience to bond with Eileen from the get go, and she becomes a drunken wreck way too quickly. I would start in the Iraqi holding cell and give broad strokes of what Eileen and Jeffrey went threw, all the way to the escape, showing that she is a compassionate officer making the best of a bad situation. Then, continue as it's written. I think the story needs to dig a little deeper into all the characters, with David and Grant needing the most fleshing out.

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  • by Snackula on 01/22/2004
    Overall Reaction: While the story is intriguing, I felt the execution fell a bit short. The first ten pages should be tightened up, with a bit more character development of Carl, the protagonist. He goes from writing for "The Beltway" to flying to see his son in an Egyptian jail a bit too quickly. While I like the arc of his character, I think he needs a little more fleshing... read