Review of: The Void 

reviewed by minsy on 10/13/2007
Technically good, but...
I think cinematography is professional. I also give credit for using many locations. That way viewers won't feel claustrophobic. Beyond that, I do not have anything positive to say. Firstly, I didn't catch narration because of the accent, which of course is no fault of filmmaker. Yes, subtitles are necessary, unless it were BBC accent which the world is familiar with. Secondly, there is too much violence, too much killing, in such a short space of screen time, I felt rather disgusted. It looks gratuitous. Thirdly, even as a "silent" movie to me, I saw no story. Maybe I should watch and re-watch to understand it. But then, no audience in the world give a movie a second or a third or a...chance. They either enjoy it or they don't. If they find it engaging, they may watch it again. But if they don't like or don't understand it, they will never view it again.

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