Review of: Koz Baker 

reviewed by nick74 on 11/24/2010
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Fun piece. I think the reason the short story exists, at least initially some number of millennia ago, was to describe a single moment in time - a snapshot of someone's life where which multiple events have an overpowering affect to their subject. This piece is a masterful practice of my theory. Essentially, after the setup, the whole story happens at one setting, with one man pondering his troubles - in the young manager's case, his fate. Very nicely told with a polished voice that introduces the element of mystery nicely and in a well paced fashion.

I've always thought it to be an interesting concept naming a story - whether it be a book, movie or piece of short fiction - the name of a character that doesn't actually exist in the text. It alludes to concept, that elusive thing that is missing in most creative work. In this story Koz Baker (which, by the way, is a great baseball name; kind of like Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder only without being quite so contrived) represented the unattainable, those life trophies that elude us till the end. Nice.

A good story, technically tight, well-voiced, simple and fun to trek along with.

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