Review of: Not My Secret to Tell 

reviewed by kashan on 03/29/2012
Credited Review
The different perspectives of a crime Credited Review
The three characters in this short story about murder and secrets provide three different perspectives to the same crime; a murder committed years ago. This interesting take not only makes this story a noir wherein you have some sympathy with the dark side but also develops a relationship with the reader far beyond any normal narrative. The girl doesn't really know what happened that fateful night, Danny doesn't say much about it and the teacher has an intention to blackmail right from the beginning. Very effectively written and structured.

The only part where it perhaps lacks, in my opinion, is the complete disregard of Danny and his emotions. I understand the necessity of doing so but if as a reader I got a little more about Danny, I would have been thoroughly satisfied. Everyone holds a secret, but what is Danny's real deal? Maybe he killed on purpose!

Looking forward to reading more of the author's stuff.

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