Review of: The Golf Widow 

reviewed by vancemi on 10/12/2004
Credited Review
The Golf Widow Credited Review
This was a nice easy read with few technical quirks, an interesting premise, and a good pace. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of golf, so I have to take your word for the aspects of the game that were portrayed. My single biggest suggestion would be to sharpen the dialogue, avoid exposition and redundancies. There weren't a lot, but things will flow more smoothly and naturally without them. A lot seems to depend on Evers not buying Charlie's story about the kidnapping. You may want to give him more reason to doubt it. As it stands, he seemed pretty incompetent, which takes away a little from the script's believability. Killing off your main character with so much time left was a gutsy move and a little disturbing, but entirely essential to the twists you had in store. Take another careful read through from start to finish. There are numerous minor typos - mostly wrong word usages like hear/here, your/you're, I/is. Overall, this is a good effort with a lot of potential. Best of luck with it.

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