Review of: The Mother 

reviewed by A.Tarkovsky on 03/08/2011
Credited Review
The Mother Credited Review
Interesting read, i had a bit of problems understanding, well maybe not, i understood it my way so i'll make my review out of that.

So i guess our main character is some sort of a god that came close with the beings he created, and tried to understand what they evolved to.
He had a family and yet felt distant from his brother and sister.
His mother is the one he maybe wanted to understand best. He was left confused about what she has accepted on her death bed, and why she was that calm and ready.
He didn't know the answer to her question where she is going. Did that mean if he as a god doesn't know about something more, than nothing more exists. Or it might be beyond even god's comprehension. But mother seems to be sensing where she's going, in a way. That's what i think why she's smiled.
He was clueless about what happens to those humans he created and it made him ask himself questions, but i think his conclusions and questions toward himself are wrong as i see it, at least looking at his "mother".
I liked it, it was written in a good style, pointfull althow tough to understand what you meant by it, but i think it is the biggest plus of this story, the fact it's probably going to be interpreted differently by every soul that reads it.

It was a pleasure reading through your story.
Best regards.

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