Review of: The Yacht 

reviewed by CarlaC on 09/04/2009
Credited Review
The Yacht Credited Review
This story was very well written. I was caught up in the story right from the first sentence. The emotional seperation was portrayed in a very realistic way. I especially liked the paragraph about how they would eat to avoid spending time together.

The British couple are too one dimensional. It would be nice if you could flesh them out a little more - they have an open marriage, but what is going on beneath that? What are their goals?

I also feel that the story ended too abruptly. I like the fact that the wife went through with it and the husband didn't, but would like to see what sort of conclusion this brings them to. It would certainly make him feel insecure and would widen the emotional separation. This should force them to work things out or split up or maybe even decide to have an open marriage. Instead they are in the exact same position they were at the start of the story - denial.

Great story!

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