Review of: Koz Baker 

reviewed by Lex007 on 11/25/2010
Credited Review
Three base hit Credited Review
This is a great short story. It was nice that is so short – not that I didn’t want to read anymore but it was a nice compact read. It’s a sad story but a nice snapshot into baseball life and people trying to live the American dream but not reaching it, like a lucky few have in the major league. Doesn’t sound like the young manager will reach it either.
I didn’t find any grammatical or spelling errors which was refreshing after all the others I’ve reviewed.
I liked the mystery you created by not telling us straight away what the note said, however I wanted to know as soon as the story started what sport it was about.
One thing I think that would improve this story is giving the characters names and a brief description of them so the reader can get a picture in their mind.
Keep up the writing, I really did enjoy this read.

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