Review of: The Gospel of Maire 

reviewed by cc chayce on 03/05/2012
cc chayce
Tomorrow Is Another Day
I regret that I'm reviewing this 'Free Will', as they call it, because I would prefer to be helping it's rating (which I've yet to look at). I loved this story. The author's own sense of compassion and concern for a future we're quite likely heading toward are very much apparent.

The main character was well-developed, allowing the reader to easily relate to her situation. The bleak futuristic setting, all too reminiscent of an Ireland long past, was (sadly) believable and felt very real.

The author's talent for evoking an emotional response was apparent right from the start, which only aids in encouraging the reader to press on, eager (yet trepidacious) to discover where the story was going.

All in all, a beautiful, ominous story well-told. I look forward to reading more by this author. Thanks for an enjoyable tale.

~ cal chayce

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