Review of: The Bottle of Death 

reviewed by iceeis on 11/05/2004
Credited Review
Top Gun, WWI style! Credited Review
It's just as well that I should read this script. The Lafayette Escadrille is part of military aviation history, and me being in the Air Force, this should be required reading (heck, it's even part of our promotion testing). Anyway, this script was far more interesting then the few paragraphs available in our promotion study guides. This script is a perpetual top tenner and has oodles of reviews, so I'll try to point out anything that could be improved: The descriptions, while wonderfully written, could be cut down a tad. It's more of a personal preference, but too much narrative can turn off some readers. You know the drill on "CUT TO's"... I loved the end scene in the German Bar, but I thought it would be more fitting for Jonathan to do his final battle in an airplane (yeah, I know that's how he got there, but...). I like the "Bottle of Death". I always wondered why this SP was called that (or the chief's head for your picture). Rimmon had an excellent arc with his desire for adventure and his conflict with his father (and nice way to tie in Germany sinking the Lusitania(?) ). Damn fine script that will make a damn fine movie if someone will take a chance on it. Good Job.

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