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reviewed by jrnyman2 on 05/28/2009
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Hi Warren:

I enjoyed reading your story, “Bobcat Hunting.” You seem to have a knack for capturing the essence of speech patterns in your characters. Having lived in Tennessee for about 12 years, I can relate to some of the colorful expressions (I LOVED “…mad enough to bite ten penny nails in two.”), slang, and anecdotes. You have sort of a Mark Twain ease with your writing style that matches the pace of the characters’ lives… slow, Southern… easy.

The difference between you and Mark Twain however, lies in the nuts and bolts of writing. Your story delivers a laid-back diversion for the reader, but the grammar and stylistic issues were too major a distraction.

I think you probably have a lot of clever stories such as this one, but I encourage you to learn how to deliver them more effectively on paper. A reader can enjoy your story more if he or she can breeze through it at the desired pace rather than having to go back and re-read passages several times in order to make sense of them!

Keep writing and working at it-

Steve O.

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